View Graphs of Sensor Data stored in Azure Cloud on Android, iOS and Windows

AzureIotChartsA common task in the field of Smart Home solutions or commercial applications is monitoring of Sensor Data reflecting the state a home or commercial object.

For example you might be interested in monitoring the temperatures of different places of your house or you might be interested to see how often and how long the burner of your heating turns on, how often the Hot Water Boiler turns on or how often the circulation pump of your Solar Thermal Plant is running.

To realize such monitoring you need some IoT- (Internet of Things) device in your home that samples the Sensor Data and makes these data accessible. Often it is  wanted to view the data graphically, from everywhere and at any time.

To meet these demands in this setup the Sensor Data are transmitted to the Cloud by an IoT-Device. From there they can be retrieved using a mobile device (iPhone or iPad, Android Phone) or a Windows PC and can be displayed in table-form (AzureTabStorClient)or graphically with the App presented in this post. Microsoft Azure Storage Table service is used to store the data in the Cloud.

Here we show the App  Charts4Azure, which is actually available  for iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows PC. The App is able to visualize the Sensor data in the form of Graphs as they can be seen on the picture above.
On the App Stores search for Charts4Azure or use the following links


160x64 App_Store_Badge_US
Apple Store: (free of charge with InAppPurchaseCharts4Azure

Google Play Badge
Google Play: (chargeable) Charts4Azure

Microsoft Store: (free of chargeCharts4Azure

Follow this  ‘Getting started Guide ‘ to try it out fast and easy.

A ‘How to use Guide‘ and information about the used Data structure can be found here

As the next step, we will show how the Sensor Data can be transmitted to the Cloud from a Windows PC or IoT-Devices.

  1. Windows WPF Application writing Sample Data to the Cloud
  2. Mono C# Application for Beaglebone
    (see Project on
  3. C# App for GHI Electronics FEZ Board with SPWF04SA WiFi
  4. C# App for GHI Electronics SITCore SC20260D Dev Board
  5. C/C++ App for Arduino framework compatible Board Wio Terminal
    (see Project on
  6. C/C++ App for Esp32 Dev board
    (see Project on
  7. C/C++ App for Teensy 4.1

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In the meantime you might want to look on our other Page were you can get information about our iOS App AzureTabStorClient which can be used to view Azure Storage Tables.

Last updated: 25.7.2022